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I began my yoga practice after I had lost my “dream job", found myself at 200 lbs., and was in the midst of an extremely damaging relationship with a severe drug addict. 


Having been in and out of therapy for years, my own healing journey through deep depression and suicidal tendencies, anxiety, intense anger, self-hatred and emotional eating has shown me that a steady yoga practice is the greatest catalyst for healing the blocks that keep us from the fullest expression of ourselves and our lives.

"Thank you for giving me my heart and my life back"

Having been in and out of therapy for years + trying various healing modalities, my own journey through a nervous breakdown, deep depression and suicidal tendencies, anxiety, intense anger, and weight struggles has shown me that a consistent spiritual yoga practice is the greatest way to live in vibrant, joyful peace.

Sessions with me are fun, inspiring, empowering and safe. I hold space for all emotions and all parts of the heart. 

There is no judgement here-just the pathway toward peace, self-acceptance, and pure happiness.

If I can do it, I know you can too.

  yoga is a transformative,sacred practice  


 journey into your heart

journey into your soul


be free


Through a combination of my education & certifications, and my own personal experience and intuition I will give you the tools to heal your life and to live in presence, exuberance and freedom from suffering.


Diana's Yoga Education

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500-HR  "Life of a Yogi Teacher Training" with Sri Dharma Mittra

Sri Dharma Mittra is considered the "rock of yoga".  A sacred student of Yogi Gupta, he has been teaching yoga since 1967 and was one of the first to bring yoga to the West.  


He is world renowned for his compassion, his humility, and for creating "The Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures". 


Sri Dharma is the "teachers' teacher"


Having the honor of studying yoga with Dharma was life changing and infinitely enhanced my abilities as a teacher.  His teachings on mantra, pranayama, sutra + scripture, poses, ancient yogic practices, meditation, specially designed Dharma sequences, and psychic development have forever allowed me to be of greater service to all-able to share the true purpose and sanctity of yoga. I feel blessed and grateful to have been chosen to receive his knowledge, handed down directly from his guru, Yogi Gupta.


I practice with Dharma regularly at his NY Center and sometimes have the distinct pleasure of leading class as well.



200-HR Teacher Training in Costa Rica


In Costa Rica I felt the touch of divine intervention with Jackie Chiodo. A heartbreak brought me reeling and seeking and I found myself on an immersion in the jungle, with the golden opportunity to deepen my practice in ways I never thought possible, that I didn't even know existed.


Jackie laid an incredible and solid foundation for us as new yoga teachers through study based in extensive chakra work, meditation, Yoga Nidra, sutra and scripture, anatomy + Ayurveda.  I will forever be grateful to have been under her wise and experienced guidance.


Costa Rica also acted as a great teacher, throwing me into the heat, the bugs, and a life-style completely opposite what a New Yorker has ever known.  Through the lessons of the jungle I softened, surrendered, and truly came to understand that "we are all one" (from scorpions to human beings).


I came back a stronger person, with a joyously open heart.  

Teachers present themselves in many ways, and the rainforest has been one of my greatest.

Extensive Internship with Jacqueline A. Carleton, PhD


I have had the esteemed honor of working closely with Dr. Carleton, psychotherapist, international teacher, and pioneer in the field of Somatic Experiencing.


For 2 years I studied beneath her, and soon my writing was published in Somatic Psychotherapy Today: USABP.  I also had the incredible opportunity to work closely with both Dr. Carleton and fellow expert + pioneer in SE, Diane Poole-Heller, PhD as we edited Dr. Poole-Heller's book manuscript together.   


My time with Dr. Carleton affirmed my knowing that mind. body and spirit are linked, and that we must develop and heal all these parts of ourselves to find wholeness and therefore the peaceful, vibrant, lush life we are meant to live.  

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