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Breathe Life, Drink Stars:

Prana & 3rd Eye on the Amalfi Coast

WOW! Our 4th Happy Heart Yoga Retreat was the most magickal, exciting and incredible one yet!


We lived + practiced yoga & meditation in a private villa high in the mountains of Italy overlooking the sea and sky, we jumped off our private speed boat into the waters of the Mediterranean and toasted with prosecco before lunching and shopping on Capri, we feasted on long, gorgeous 4-course farm-to-table vegetarian dinners cooked + served by our magnificent Italian staff, we took limoncello shots under the stars, walked down Sorrento Streets and spent days in the sun at Nerano Beach Clubs


+ karmic transformations

and Knowledge shared with beautiful students

+ lots of laughter, new friendships formed and so much more!



"This  is  SPECTACULAR!"

"Truly the trip of a lifetime!

Thank you!"

"I will be on every single Happy Heart Retreat you do!!"


"This was an unforgettable, magical experience that is held joyfully in my heart.

..Forever grateful. You planted the seeds that brought the possibilities"

"I would have never done anything like this is my life!! This was AMAZING."

"Thank you! Once in a lifetime for real!!"

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