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Conference of the Birds Chaga Ceremony


Join me on Saturday, December 19th  for my
Conference of the Birds Chaga Ceremony

A poem written by the Sufi Attar in the 12th Century, Conference of the Birds will give you the strength to keep going, to keep flying, and to find the truest depths of your heart & strength.

Chaga is given to us by only 1/15,000 Mother Birch Trees;
The Keeper of the Lunar Cycle & the Harbinger of New Beginnings

You will be lead through a deep relaxation, chanting and a meditative reading of the poem, along with smudgings + a sacred tea ceremony with ancient,  healing Alaskan Chaga Elixir, charged with rose quartz.

1 person: $45

2 people: $80


Chaga Ceremony Details & Sign-Up

12/19; 5-6 PM, NYC

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