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"Be Receptive to the Grace of God"

Photo by Hailey Wist

Dharma Yoga was created by yoga master, Sri Dharma Mittra. It is based on his extensive study with Yogi Gupta as well as his own personal yoga practice, spanning 50 years.


Dharma 2 & 3 are specific sequences created by the Guru to bring us from beginner/intermediate to advanced students of both the postures and understanding of spiritual knowledge.


Based in deep tradition, Classical Yoga and the Yama & Niyama, this hatha class is about self-realization, the cultiavation of deep compassion and reverence for all beings, and preparation of the mind for deep meditation.


We will practice asana, meditation and pranayama as taught to Diana during her 500-HR Life of a Yogi Teacher Training and Master Sadhana practice by Dharma Mittra.


*Having a pre-exisiting yoga practice is recommended*

*Please bring a mat*


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