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Spring Equinox Ceremony & Celebration

The Spring Equinox is a time of great celebration and of life.


A time to celebrate creation, and the birth of the Sun King by the Goddess.  It is a time to feel the cool breeze of the faeries on your skin, to blossom fragrantly and whole toward the sun, a time to invite in prana (life-force) and fluidity of new growth, of new beginnings- of Glorious + Soulful Spring. 


Together we will:


*Honor the Goddess and her time of giving birth to the Sun


*Create intention to blossom & bloom into joy,

peace + our true nature


*Connect with the Sacred Feminine + Masculine


*Open up Communication with the Faeries


*Perform Ritual to connect us to our ancestors,

to earth + to ourselves


*Release the dark hibernation of winter

and step into the soft grass of new life + birth

Sunday, March 20th

7-8 pm


DollyMoo Body Love

217 Glen Ridge Ave




Sold Out 

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