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The Full Moon allows us to celebrate the lush ripeness of ourselves,

our hearts and our deep connection to the sacred feminine and nature


As we sit in sacred circle during the Full Moon we will:


-Call down the Goddess and perform a graditude ritual 


-Illuminate our 6th chakra; opening us up to greater inution and cosmic communcation 


-Observe the divine synchronicity that allows us to know Goddess is with us


-Shed light on our deep, magical power


-Connect to our ancient sisters in this sacred rite & celebrate empowerment and manifestation

"The Full Moon is traditionally a time of culmination of energies. 

We often find that our energy level is it’s highest during this cycle of the moon." -AYC


Understanding moon magic is an empowering tool that aids in manifestation,

spiritual growth and cosmic communication 



Monday, February 22nd

7-8 pm

DollyMoo Shop

217 Glenridge Ave//Montclair, NJ



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