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Faerie Earth Magic

Crystal Healing + Smudging


Faeries are manifestations of the earth’s soul + elemental beings. They are prana, playfulness + the wisdom of Nature. Crystals are magnificent raw pieces of the earth-they possess the energy of our great planet and Mother.

After I lead you into a deep relaxation I will smudge you using the appropriate herbs and the secret yogic mantra for purification given to my Guru from his.

After a essential oil head  + neck massage I will call down the faeries and place crystals and wooden wands from the forests + beaches of Alaska, Washington + Peru on and around your body.

This will enhance + speed up your healing by infusing and nourishing you with the energies you need, as well as open up cosmic communication, visions + maintain grounding.


I will ask the faeries to surround you with their light hearts, wisdom and care-free vibrations, and I will ask, channel and share the messages they have for you.

You will leave relaxed,  nourished, aligned and with answers from the other realms that will give you clarity, peace + the knowledge you need to move forward.

"That was beeeaaauutiiful! I have never experienced anything like that! Thank you!"

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