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"the yogi should visualize a sublime ocean of nectar in the heart, with an island of jewels in its middle whose sand is made of gemstones"

         -The Gheranda Samhita

"the yogi should visualize a sublime ocean of nectar in the heart, with an island of jewels in its middle whose sand it made of gemstones

-The Gheranda Samhita


All Sessions + Classes are Private & Customized


Private Group Workshops, Yoga Parties, Retreats, Corporate Yoga+ Workplace Seminars Available


Custom and Pre-Recordings for Relaxation, Meditation andVisualization;

Physical Yoga Practices Available

          Yoga + Spiritual Counseling





Physical practice and Dharma Yoga,  


*Meditation, Spiritual Counseling, Yoga Nidra + Deep Relaxation, Visualization, Mantra and Pranayama*


I create each session using the yogic techniques that will best serve you and your journey.  


Yogic Offerings are available via SKYPE as well as in person + custom recordings and videos are also available


Crystal Healing & Rejuvination

The greatest way to remove impurities is through deep relaxation. To enchance this release and rejuvenation, crystals are hand picked to heal your malady, and are placed on and around your body. Crystal work is about simply letting go, being held, and receiving healing.


Crystal healing is done intuitively with pieces from my personal collection. All stones are cleansed beneath the full moon as well as smudged with sage + palo santo throughout the month to ensure the purest energies and vibrations.


Retreats, Workshops + Yoga Parties



Once we speak about what it is you want and need, whether it be a joyful jam or a sacred time to connect and heal I will design the perfect practice for you, using the modalities that will best serve your needs and the needs of those you love!


Private Retreats are available for one person or for groups.

I can arrange all travel and accomodations if you so choose.




Whether you are looking for a meditation to fall asleep to or a custom yoga class downloaded to your computer to use at your leisure, I can create it.


All downloadable to your iPhone, iPod or computer,

 these recordings are sure to serve you for years to come. 


From stress, to a lack of self-love, illness, anxiety, balancing the chakras and mommy-baby meditations you have the option of a custom recording for your specific needs


Enjoy my Deep Relaxation: Hot Honey Melt 

for an example of my recorded offerings

Custom Recordings

Life is here to take us on a deep journey through the heart and ourselves. When we jump into the hands of the Universe and see our connection to creation we find great empowerment, self-love and the ability to always heal and grow from life experiences, no matter what they may be, allowing us to move forward in vibrancy with a fearless, happy heart 

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