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Shala Students Have Healed + Released

chronic migraines, anorexia, self-harm & cutting


 drug + alcohol addiction, lethargy and lack of motivation


 postpartum depression, insomnia, miscarriage,

emotional + binge eating


 depression + suicidal tendencies, PTSD, heartbreak


 grief + mourning, anger, anxiety, self-loathing,

extreme trauma, sexual trauma


 ...and the use of psychiatric medication



I lead private healing sessions, weaving custom yoga + magick, to heal the parts of yourself that keep you from living life to the fullest. 


I will teach you how to understand, release + grow from painful emotion + trauma, all while cultivating a deep sense of self-love and gaining the tools necessary to live a joyful, vibrant life-now + always.


I hand-craft healing sessions and yoga classes that will best serve you and your spiritual journey-allowing you to live lush and peaceful.


Providing you with support, encouragement and compassion I will bring you to the true limitlessness of life + your own heart, introducing you to the most powerful, magickal parts of yourself.

I will connect you to the Teacher within you, so that no matter what, you can always depend on your own heart + wisdom


Through a combination of yogic techniques and earth magick completely customized to each student and their specific needs I have helped many to find the key to exuberant, present living and freedom.

Modalities Include bells & sound therapy, herbs & smudgings, crystal healing, asana, meditation, pranayama, visualization, yoga nidra, affirmation & spell work, candle magick, altar building, realm journeying, inner child & shadow healing and integration, chakra work, spiritual counseling, at-home practices & suggested books 

All students receive e-mails as necessary with custom at-home practices, discussion points

and more