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Shala Students Have Found

True Happiness & Pure Joy


 Love & Self-Love


 Peace &Wisdom


Empowerment & High Self-Esteem


Mental, Physical and Emotional Health


Vibrant, Lush Hearts


Freedom from Suffering


Shala Students Have Healed + Released

Depression + Suicidal Tendencies


Chronic Migraines, Lethargy and Lack of Motivation

Postpartum Depression, Miscarriage


Emotional and Binge Eating



Anorexia, Self-Harm & Self-Loathing


Anxiety and Anger


PTSD, Childhood Trauma and Sexual Trauma




 Grief and Mourning

  Drug + Alcohol Addiction


The Use of Psychiatric Medication

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I will teach you how to cultivate a deep sense of happiness, peace, power and  self-love.

I will teach you how to use a new set of tools for a joyful, vibrant life-now + always.


Do you want to know the most joyful part of yourself?

Do you want to find ease and peace in life, relationships and strife?

Do you want a lush, vibrant & happy heart?


Reach Out


Providing you with support, encouragement and compassion I will bring you to the true limitlessness of life + your own heart, introducing you to the most powerful, loving and alive parts of yourself.

I will connect you to the Teacher within you, so that no matter what, you can always depend on your own heart + wisdom


Through a combination of yogic techniques completely customized to each student and their needs I have helped many to find the key to exuberant, present living and freedom.


All Shala students receive e-mails as necessary with custom at-home practices, discussion points

and more


I can't wait to take care of you!

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