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Hearing + Healing the Inner Child

To fully come into self-acceptance, we must meet, hear + heal our inner child.  This voice has an endless amount to teach us, and through him or her we discover the patterns that we used in childhood to protect ourselves, but that only cause us suffering as adults.


WE fill and heal the wounds that our care-takers, environment + experiences created. We no longer subconsciously create or seek out damaging thoughts + habits.


When we do this we are able to live a content, peaceful + vibrant life.


Hearing + Healing the Inner Child includes an assessment of your strength now in your adult form, and together we’ll decide if before meeting your child we need to strengthen and enhance your spiritual stability as an adult.


Meeting + healing the child is an intense cleansing experience,a nd requires dedication + trust. I will be by your side and together we will release the past and move faithfully + joyfully into the future.

"Last Friday was amazing and I'm still in awe of what was accomplished!

So excited for the next session"

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