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Join D & J for Happy Heart Yoga Retreat:

Let Go & Live Lush in Lake George

our beautiful home away from home

our beautiful home away from home





Friday, May 1st - Sunday, May 3rd



Let go of all worries, all cares, and all that causes you suffering, holds you back or keeps you stuck.



    Surround yourself in the lush beauty and fresh Spring air of Lake George as Diana cares for you through           deeply cleansing and supportive yoga, full moon releasing ceremony, sacred jumps in the lake and so much more. 





               May Your Life Be Lush, May Your Heart Be Happy!



   Let Go & Live Lush With:



*4 Releasing & Rejoicing private lake-side yoga classes (w/mountain views!)


*1 Full-Moon Releasing Ceremony


*6 local vegetarian, gluten-free gourmet meals cooked by our private in-house chef


*Snacks throughout the day


*Al-fresco dining on the lake beneath a gazebo


*2 nights & 3 days lodging in a private mansion in Lake George


*1 Hot Tub


*Indoor fire place + outdoor fire pit


*Lake front & mountain views


*Air conditioning


*Private mini-beach


*Flat screen TV in every room w/cable and satellite


*Private dock


*Boat with paddles, kayak + canoe


*In-house gym


*Wireless internet


*Game room




"When I try to describe it to people I'm like 'I dunno!? Go change your life?!'"-GM, NJ











"I so need some more of that faerie love!!!"-VK, NY





"Our retreat is in my heart every day and has really left a great impact on my life. Love you all so much."-EF, NYC

"Until I can think of the words that even begin to express how grateful I am, just thank you."-GM, NJ

"DIANA, I've been thinking non-stop about that playlist from our asana in Maine...that shit was off the chain. Let me know if you can share it so I can jam out for my home practice"-YW, NYC



"There are no words to express the beauty and sisterhood of this retreat. Thank you!"-LM, NYC

"You are amazing leader and teacher. You modeled an open heart and a joyous spirit that has left a ripple still spreading out from here to Brooklyn!"-JD, Maine


*prices are per person*

Master Bedroom 1




*King-size bed

*Walk-in closet

*Private bathroom

* Private Jacuzzi for 2 & shower

*Private deck with lake views





Bedroom 2




*Double bed

*Private bathroom

*Jetted tub

*Lake view



   1 person: $675.00

     2 people: $600.00/each



 Bedroom 3









*Bunk Bed (1 twin + 1 double)

*Bathroom in the hallway 

1 person: $750.00

2 people: $685.00/each

Bedroom 6



Bedroom 7

*Queen-size bed

*Pull-out sofa


*Lake view

*Jetted Tub

*Connected, shared bathroom


2-3 people:



* King-size bed

*Private bathroom

*Lake view





*2 double beds

*Private bathroom

*Lake view






*Queen-size bed

*Twin futon


*Lake view

*Connected, shared bathroom

*Jetted tub


*2 spots left*


2-3 people: 


1 person: $700.00

    2 people: $645.00/each

 2 people:


Bedroom 4

Bedroom 5

*1 spot left*


The Teacher

"I am very moved by this yoga teacher's heart. She is a phenomenal teacher and her students love her."-Jen Deraspe, Nurture Through Nature Retreats




"Trust when I say that you have opened my heart and life to relationship to the world is changed thanks to your presence and compassion. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"-VK, NY


"Thank you for helping me to get back to my happiness roots!"-JD, NJ


"Diana really has a way of getting into your soul when teaching yoga. Her classes are beautifully orchestrated with a divine flow...(and are) moving, engaging and more than just a yoga class, but a spiritual journey. Love her. “-NS, NJ


"I have never been able to release in a class like I was able to in yours"-YW, NYC


"Until I can think of the words that even begin to express how grateful I am, just thank you."-GM, NJ




Payment & Sign -Up


1 Payment

                $250 non-refundable deposit + balance paid in full by April 30th, 2015



2 Payments

     $250 non-refundable deposit

Balance must be paid in full by April 20th, 2015



      No Refunds After March 10th, 2015



To Sign Up Click Here



You will receive the address of our beautiful home once you invest your deposit.



*If you have any food allergies please let us know when you sign up*


*All Levels Welcome! Please bring your yoga mat*


Depending on location we will do our best to arrange carpools, if you need one or if you are available to drive please let us know!






"No one can do what Diana can, she is revolutionary and unbelieveable.  She is changing my life"-LD, NYC

Blessed Be & Om Shanti!

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