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Soul Submersion:

Meeting Your Shadows

Anger Jealousy Fear Shame Greed Judgement Depression Anxiety


We are so quick to shun these invaluable and holy teachers.  During Soul Submersion I will teach you the invaluable tool of sitting with, understanding + befriending your shadow emotions.

There is nothing to fear here, nothing to judge and nothing to fix—just a journey into the deepest form of self-acceptance, with the greatest gifts for those who feel ready + called to feel and know these places.


When ignored the shadow emotions create great suffering, stagnancy and frustration

"I learned that loving oneself absolutely is the best medicine. In acknowledging my anger, anxieties, and fears, I learned to accept, utilize, and release them... and ultimately their stronghold on my heart. You taught me that all I need is within me now and that my heart is my best resource."

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