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"Thank you so so much for the new moon ceremony,  it felt so good in my soul and my energy!

You are an amazing teacher."

The Full Moon allows us to celebrate the lush ripeness of ourselves,

our hearts and our deep connection to the sacred feminine and nature

Honoring the Full Moon brings a cooling, cleansing energy that releases emotional, physical & spiritual tensions-allowing room for harmony, fluidity + clarity


As we sit in sacred circle during the Full Moon we will:


-Call down the Goddess and perform a graditude ritual 


-Illuminate our 6th chakra; opening us up to greater inution and cosmic communcation 


-Observe the divine synchronicity that allows us to know Goddess is with us


-Shed light on our deep, magical power


  -Connect to our ancient sisters in this sacred rite &  celebrate empowerment and manifestation

Sacred Moon Circle at DollyMoo Body Love


Thursday, August 18th // 8-9pm

17 Glen Ridge Ave, Montclair NJ

1 person $30 // 2 people $50

Lakshmi Full Moon Yoga & Ceremony

at Lemongrass

Together we will practice yoga as offering to the Full Moon, Goddess Lakshmi + our Divine Feminity

-Practice Moon Devotion Yoga w/Moon Salutations

-Chant to Lakshmi & honor our Sacral Chakra

-Nourish ourselves with the highest energy of the moon cycle

-Rest in deep relaxation with full moon visualization (+essential oil head & neck massage)

Saturday August 20th // 8-9 pm

22 S Fullterton, Montclair NJ

1 person $30 // 2 people $50

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