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New Moon Ceremony





As we sit in sacred ceremony with our sisters we will: 


-Let go of suffering


-Invite in the light and set intention


-Burn sadness & struggle in the sacred fire 


-Rejuvenate deeply as we honor the lowest-energy point of the month


-Open our heart's to our intuition, power and desires


Understanding moon magic is an empowering tool that aids in manifestation, spiritual growth and cosmic communication 


Receive a Sage Smudge, Chant Mantra, Commune with the Moon + much more



Reserve Your Soul Spot


Sunday, March 6th

 6:30-7:30 PM


Address Given After Sign-Up


1 person// $45

2 people// $80

"Thank you so so much for New Moon Ceremony!

It felt so good in my soul and my energy!

You are an amazing teacher"-AP, NJ

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