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  Point Pleasant, NJ

  September 25-27th










Point Pleasant,NJ

September 25th-27th


Dance down the boardwalk, laugh wildly on the rides, open your heart to the sun

& inhale the life-giving power of the sea at our beachside yoga retreat


Learn ancient yogic breath-control techniques, cleanse and enhance your psychic channels, 

deepen your practice physically + spiritually & connect to your inner child


Return Home Renewed, Awakened +

Armed with Sacred Knowledge for Bliss, Contentment & Peace

About Point Plesant


A cozy,sweet beach town beside a fun-filled boardwalk, lots of high vibes + a playful, free spirit

Prana & Play

"Inhalation is the act of receiving primordial energy in the form of breath." -Iyengar


That primordial energy is prana, the endless life-force that surrounds us,  the creative energy that manifested all that is seen and yet to be seen  


We have the ability to harness and use this life force, opening up our hearts to truth, empowerment and the universe

Next to the origin of life, our mother ocean, we will tune in to this place inside of ourselves and our truest divine nature


Breathe in creation by the seaside and be free!


With the fresh flow of light & energy revitilizing and awakening you, you'll dance wildly with life,

 laugh loudly, fall into love + compassion, and find true presence when you connect to the kind + non-judgemental heart of your inner child

“If you open your heart and become like a child, you will always be blissful, always content.”~ Sri Dharma Mittra

Our Beach-Side Bungalow


Nestled in a cul-de-sac next to a gorgeous lake, this home is comfy and warm  


Tons of windows and a gentle breeze, plus a bright and soothing sun-porch, our abode is across the street from the beach and a few blocks from the boardwalk


The perfect cottage to call home for the weekend!










What's Included

*4 Yoga Classes on the Beach 

(drop-in passes available)


*1 Seaside Full-Moon Meditation & Pranayama


*5 Vegetarian, Gluten-Free Meals Prepared by our Amazing In-House Private Chef

(breakfast & lunch)


*2-Day Beach Pass 


*3 days, 2 nights Lodging at our Beauty Beach Bungalow



The chance to feel like a child,


learn ancient, sacred breath-control techniques


 come home renewed, empowered and aligned with joy.






my teacher told me one thing,

to live in the soul



"Whenever I think of you I hear your voices (your voice and your 'teaching voice') and I feel a surge of energy, both in the fun filled, embrace life and give no f***s kind of way, and also in the restoring my faith in myself kind of way. You are truly a gifted teacher and phenomenal human. When I think of you I beam!"


"I always walk away from practice with you renewed and reawakened.  I bow deeply to you and thank you for showing me the breadth of my spirit and sharing yours so generously. Namaste,  blessed be! My heart rejoices in lightness and love and excitement for future adventures!"


"Trust when I say that you have opened my heart and life to relationship to the world is changed thanks to your presence and compassion. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"I am very moved by this yoga teacher's heart. She is a phenomenal teacher and her students love her."


"You made me fall in love with Yoga. I felt a great connection with it, you made me feel the way I did with sports back in high school. That mat that I used now has a connection to my heart. The energy I feel from it is nothing like I can explain."


"Diana really has a way of getting into your soul when teaching yoga." 


"I was talking to my best friend and I told her 'there's no one who can do what (Diana) can do'"


"I have never been able to release in a class like I was able to in yours"


"You freak out me out! How do you get me into the poses you do?!"

"You have ruined all other yoga teachers for me"- Idgy Dean

Rooms & Rates

only 10 spot available!

Private Rooms

(can be shared, price is per person)


*There are 4 Private Rooms

*Double Bed

*Located on the 2nd Fl.

*Ceiling Fans and Lots of Windows

*Shared Bathroom on 2nd Fl.



After July 13th:




Shared Room


*6 Twin Beds

*Dormitory Style

*Finished 3rd Fl

*Air Conditioner, Windows, & Skylights

*Shared Bathrooms (on 2nd and 1st floor)



After July 13th:





1 Class: $40.00


All 4 Yoga Classes: $125.00


All 5 Classes: $135.00


AM Class: 7:30 am

PM Class: 5 pm

Full Moon Meditation: 9 pm

All prices are Per Person


All Payments include $125.00 Non-Refundable Deposit


Early-Bird Must be Paid in Full at Time of Reservation


Early-Bird ends July 13th at Midnight;

All other Payments due in full by September 20th


No Refunds after August 20th

*All Levels & Everyone Welcome


*Depending on Location we will do our Best to Arrange Carpools, Parking Available


*Feel free to bring a bike!

Blessed Be & Om Shanti


D & J look so forward to bringing you to places of beauty + bliss

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