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Relax + Restore in the Magical Woods of Maine


We headed up to the magical woods of Maine to breathtaking Nurture Through Nature Eco-Retreat, where we practiced soul-dancing yoga, ate food of the earth,swam naked in emerald dipping pools, took a Finnish Sauna, sat at the Medicine Wheel, made fires, connected to soul and source, laughed loudly and so much more.

"When I try to describe it to people I'm like 'I dunno!? Go change your life?!'"-GM, NJ


"There are no words to express the beauty and sisterhood of this retreat. Thank you!"-LM, NYC



"DIANA, I've been thinking non-stop about that playlist from our asana in Maine...that shit was off the chain. Let me know if you can share it so I can jam out for my home practice"-YW, NYC


"I so need some more of that faerie love!!!"-VK, NY


"Until I can think of the words that even begin to express how grateful I am, just thank you."-GM, NJ


"Our retreat is in my heart every day and has really left a great impact on my life. Love you all so much."-EF, NYC

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