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Self-Love Yoga Nidra

hang with the heavens of your heart

A Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxed and hypnagogic state that accesses parts of the subconscious we usually can not, while also deeply rejuvenating the body all the way down to the cellular level.


The relaxation is such that in 45 -60 minutes you achieve the same amount of restoration you would with 3-5 hours of deep REM sleep.


During this particular one we will journey into our hearts and cultivate self-love from deep within, allowing it to become permanent with time. 


During a Yoga Nidra we simply lay down and receive healing.

Happy Heart Yoga Shala

215 East 24th Street, Suite #819 



Sunday, February 7th from 3-4 pm


1 person $45 // 2 people $80


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