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Drip Into Sweet Dreams

There is nothing better, more soothing or deeply healing than a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately many have a hard time getting some sweet shut-eye.

Whenever when my students find themselves suffering from insomnia I give them these go-to tips for a cozy slumber. I hope they serve you!

* Absolutely no screens at least 30 minutes before bed. The light that is emitted from screens is more likely to bring us to a state of alertness than one that whispers of dreams, not to mention if you happen to be on facebook or instagram you may see something that upsets you, or causes anxiety or anger—none of which are ingredients for a satisfying sleepy time.

*Create a nighttime ritual! I love a hot shower with beautiful scrubs, and then a nice temple rub with some DollyMoo Calming Butter (plus a spritz of lavender water on my linens!). Taking the time to care for yourself, to transition from the day, and to allow yourself to be soothed by the cleansing warm water and the calming scent of lavender is sure to lull you to sleep in no time.

*Take some ultra calming yoga poses, right in bed. Take a seated forward fold (anytime your head comes below your heart the nervous system relaxes) or let your legs (heels up) fall against the wall and feel your whole back release; breathe deeply letting belly expand as you inhale.

*Download some nature sounds or my personal fav Meditation Tribe or Dean Evenson (his nature sounds as well as his album Dream Space) are magnificent. You’ll feel like you’re in a very special, personal spa.

*Meditate before bed. Welcome in that’s it time for quiet, rest and stillness. The state of mind must be in the right place—when we enter the DMV we have a very different sate of mind then when we enter a party. The mind must be prepared to enter sleep.

*Cleanse your bed of any old negativities, sleeplessness, or people who no longer share it with you by burning sage (or “smudging”). For a long time a broken heart made bedtime a really big bummer for me, release the past and reclaim your sacred resting space.

*If you practice yoga ALWAYS take your final savasana and take savasana through out practice. Sri Dharma teaches us to do this is master sadhana so that we can learn how to come from effort to relaxation immediately and in presence, this helps us to learn how to relax deeply and fall asleep on command.

*Build a sleepy time altar neat your bed—crystals the colors of blues, purples, clears and roses will encourage the vibrations and energies of deep and peaceful sleep. Over my bed you’ll find rainbow moonstone, celestite, clear quartz, prehnite, rose quartz and amethyst, plus some petrified wood for grounding and obsidian for psychic protection.

*If you find yourself lying awake even after trying my above suggestions, make a mental gratitude list. Often we are kept awake by the day at work, or what’s to come tomorrow—something someone said. Shift your thoughts to one’s of gratitude like I’m thankful for a warm, soft bed and safety or to an empowering affirmation like “I release fear and I call in trust”.

Do not seek sleep, the more we seek the more alert and frustrated we become. Instead focus on the comfort of the bed, the darkness, and the peace—the fact that you don’t have to talk to anyone or do anything, let your body be heavy.

blessed be + om shanti, beauty one!

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