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Self-Love Practice: Creating Magical Sacred Space

There are innumerable ways to express love of the self, but one of my favorites is to surround myself in spiritually meaningful endless beauty.

To create a sacred space is to create accessible healing in your home, whenever you need it. There are many ways to create this space for yourself, and regardless of how much space you have, these tools for peace + easy, lush living are always available to you.

By immersing yourself in beauty you proclaim your worth, welcoming in all the universe has to offer you. In this space we can remember our divinity, our right to joy, and our power to manifest our hearts’ desires.

Having plants in the home is imperative for so many reasons (oxygen, cleansing, nature in the home) but in this context it’s nice to remember the old adage of speaking to your plants! These green creatures carry soul, and allowing yourself to meditate near and care for plants connects you to the earth, to yourself, and opens the root chakra

There is nothing more beautiful and peaceful than a candle-lit room. At the end of every day I turn off all the light, and put away all the screens, and just sit in sweet silent candlelight. Seeing how beautiful your home is, creating a special ritual for yourself, and welcoming in the spirit of fire are all beautiful ways to remember your divinity.

The beautiful, calming sound of wind chimes helps to create a space that feels ethereal, peaceful and even tropical. Sound plays a huge part in our ability to stay mentally healthy—from the words we speak to the tone of voice we choose to use. Keeping wind chimes around is a wonderful and easy way to let the healing power of sound do its thing. Plus, according to some, when they tinkle, you know the air faeries of transformation are hanging out.

Working with crystals provides deep healing energies. Aiding in anything from balancing chakras to getting over heart-ache, collecting these little pieces of earth + stars welcomes divine energy right into your pocket and opens you up to a new, esoteric source of healing (my once skeptical student can not believe what her rose-quartz has done for her!)

Surround yourself with as many photos of natures and the cosmos as possible (even if that just means on phone and computer desktops). To see these images is to remember that you are created of the same matter and energy; not only does it humble us and remind us we’re all one, but it also speaks to the divinity inside each and every creature that roams this magical earth. Reminding us we have the power to create anything in our lives.

Burning loose incense in bowls made of seashells is a beautiful way to welcome in the healing, cleansing vibrations of the sea and to remember your innately magical ways. There is something deeply moving about watching plumes of perfumed smoke rise into the air, taking your wishes, or just your stress, out into the heavens.

Keeping track of your period (aka moon cycle) or just time in general using a moon calendar is empowering, rests deeply in the divine feminine, and hollers back to the ancients.

In creating sacred space we loudly + proudly proclaim, “I love myself, I deserve a peaceful oasis, I deserve to care for myself”!

What we think is what we manifest, so find love + magic.

blessed be + om shanti, beauty one!

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