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Your Mat is a Magic Carpet

There comes a point in the practice that your mat becomes a magic carpet. You realize you can step onto this space, into your practice, and go on a magnificent, exciting, far-away journey.

Yesterday was really hard, the past few weeks have been. That’s ok. But even before that, when things were on the up, I began to realize I had this relationship with my mat and that you can (and deserve to) too.

Who doesn’t want their very own magic carpet?!

As I sat yesterday, excited to get to asana practice, I realized the excitement stemmed from knowing I was about to escape all that exists and instead find myself in a place of still truth, unending breath, and sweet nothingness. A place where everything melts, and I am able to disappear as my bodysoulmind commune with the heavens. The past few days, the smile has not left my face throughout the entire asana practice because when I surrender into these poses and their endless offerings, I am in the oasis.

If you practice your yoga every day with out any expectation, but instead find your asana, meditation, breathwork, release and observation of emotion in humility and gratitude, this oasis begins to come with you—to be you, to be the loudest voice you hear, an easily accessible jewel that belongs only to your ancient starstuff soul.

Yoga changes your life, this is it’s purpose. Release the way the poses look, the instagrams, the competition, the fad—be your yoga!!!!! Do your yoga! Every day in all and every way- in compassion and non-grasping, practice of contentment, self-study, and dedication. See life unfold in magic, every being divine, an expression of infinite limitlessness.

Escape, fly, do not get tangled in ego and worries- experience, escape, dance, change, SEE, be infinite.

This magic carpet will take you to places you’ve been told don’t exist—jeweled altars that sit in lush gardens hidden in sparkling caves deep in the right side of your heart, dancing lotus flowers purple and iridescent splashing across your third eye, breath full and rhythmic-the ocean’s voice inside of you.

This carpet flies through your soul!

This isn’t about being unkind to yourself or getting to the mat because you have to, or you want to get into handstand because someone else can, or because you shame yourself because you can’t—this is about NOT denying yourself the endless gifts a true spiritual, non-concerned practice can give you. “yoga is a scientific discipline for a successful organization of all the energies …a human being with a view to attaining the highest ecstatic communion with the cosmic reality…” * what a gift we have been given!!!

Release the westernization of what “yoga” is and instead dive into this ancient sacred art of self-realization and the ability to soar, to become one with EVERYTHING. Do not seek, do not think—practice every moment in all ways, flow in these vast waves, accept and love yourself, and go on the greatest fucking journey of your life.

Atha yoga. Enjoy your endless, accessible + deeply joyful, life-affirming,vibrant and spectacular magic carpet ride.

blessed be + om shanti, beauty one!

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