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Manifestation & the Seat of Power

My mother has said innumerable wise words to me, often among them, “no self fulfilling prophecies!”

At the time I was in the throes of a sadness or frustration, explosions of anger or deep anxiety, so she was always referencing the negativity I was dwelling in.

Years later I find myself a yoga teacher, bursting with happiness and gratitude. I finally understand what she means. When we close ourselves off, for whatever various reasons, we are harming ourselves. When we decide we already know the negative outcome of a situation, experience, interaction, our LIVES then that is the outcome we create, “no self fulfilling prophecies!”

I have felt deep insecurity, wanting to crawl into a hole rather than be with the people I was surrounded by because I felt SO awkward. But eventually I realized that well sometimes things are awkward, but the more outgoing and confident I am, the more I just smile and be myself, the more people are drawn to me. I’ve decided to create positive self fulfilling prophecies; when I make the choice for happiness, happiness floods in.

In our belly sits a fire, the Manipura Chakra, the seat of power. In its purest form a “strong core” refers to keeping this fire in balance so that it may motivate will, encourage great self worth, and bring empowerment.

This fire aids our ability to create what we want through belief in ourselves. If your belief in yourself is negative, you will create that negativity. Just the same, if you believe positively in yourself, you will have positive self fulfilling prophecies. It is much easier to set ourselves up for disappointment and believe things will be unpleasant, especially if that’s what we’re used to. But the same energy, when used with belief and a receptive joyfulness, can create and bring the most incredible interactions, situations, and opportunities.

I have also had a hard time understanding how to not take others’ unkind actions toward me personally, even when they were clearly directing their animosity solely at me. But this is another aspect of life that can keep us from our seat of power. Of course others’ actions affect us, and can make us feel powerless-at their mercy. However, when we look at others with compassion, allow our ego to fall to the wayside, and find our way back into ourselves, others’ unkind actions become much less painful.

Through svadhyaya (swa-dee-ya-ya; self study, a Niyama) we find who we truly are, and it is in that stillness that truth, confidence, courage and fearlessness exist. When you have open communication with this part of yourself, you’ll always feel comfortable in your own skin, and you’ll always be able to bounce back from hurt, processing it and growing from it. This is the power of the Manipura chakra; this is the power of positive self fulfilling prophecies.

When you strengthen your core, and ignite the fire that sits within you, the empowerment that envelopes you will be incredible. Turning to yoga empowers our bodies and our minds, allowing us to realize we have the will to manifest a joyful life. Here you see that others’ success does not make you unsuccessful, others’ positivity or good cheer does not rob you of yours. Rather, you can have all of these things, when you concentrate on your life path; when you make positive changes without jealousy or malice toward others, when you find peace through kindness to strangers, when you spark your fire, when you believe in your positive self-fulfilling prophecies.

People may still hurt you, and life will still be frustrating, but accessing the idea that we really do have the ability to create the days, moments, and lives we want makes life suddenly limitless and anything becomes possible. “Of COURSE I can do that, why couldn’t I? I’m just going to start!” will replace “why does it always happen to me?”

To find your seat of power meditate, spend time alone-quietly, enhance self awareness by questioning your motives and always putting yourself in the others’ shoes, practice compassion so that your heart can be open to whatever the universe brings you, and finally build a core—strengthen your stomach with ab work, let the fire burn.

When you believe you’ll receive negativity, you absolutely will. When you believe you’ll receive gifts and abundance, you absolutely will. Instead of allowing someone the power to ruin your whole day and therefore taint any subsequent interactions you may have, use your power to create a fantastic day, filled with possibilities and positivity. When you exude this, it will come back to you. You will attract people with your smile, warmth, and joy; perhaps finding social, love, or job opportunities. You never know what is around the corner when you decided to nix negative talk, and therefore negative self fulfilling prophecies.

You have more power than you realize, remember though, what you want is not always what you need, and the universe will communicate this. And changes can take time, but take your practice day by day—presently, mindfully, and detached from the outcome, and one day you’ll wake up and find yourself pleasantly surprised.

blessed be + om shanti, beauty one!

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