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Yogi Mix Tape: Jams for a Post Thanksgiving Workout

BLLEEH! Feeling sluggish after Thanksgiving?

No worries! I’ve made you a (hour-long) badass yogi mix tape that’s perfect for the gym, and will also let you get your mantra in!

“Don’t think, just practice” and get thee to cardio!

Need a little extra inspiration? Click here.

Happy Thanksgiving, beauty one! I am grateful for you.

Diana’s Yogi Mix Tape:

*Treva Cool by Kolonia

*Ganesh is Fresh (Omstrumental) by MC Yogi

*Shedding Skin (Beloved Friend) by MC Yogi

*Bodhi Mandala (drum spyder remix) by Desert Dwellers

*Mariposa by Nickodemus + Osiris

*Rock on Hanuman (Nickodemus + Spy from Cairo Remix) by MC Yogi

*The Road to Benares by Thunderball

*Monsoon Malabar by Bombay Dub Orchestra

*Ananda Namah Shivaya Live by Krishna Das

*Sun Light by MC Yogi

*Monsoon (Sitra Mix) by Mantra

*Lights (Bassnectar Remix) by Ellie Goulding: !

*Son of Shiva by MC Yogi

Om shanti & blessed be

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