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December 24, 2014

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I spent so many years in sadness and darkness that I found that space to be my most comfortable home.  Those of you who have experienced heart sorrow...

A New Home

May 1, 2013

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10 Tips For an At-Home Yoga Retreat



One of my favorite, and most important, practices is that of having "at home yoga retreats".


In order to maintain and always return happiness we must always maintain and return to our spirituality.  That can be really challenging today with our phones, social media, socializing, over-working and exhaustion.  However, all the things that keep us from spirituality are the very reason we need it so desperately.


When I find myself comparing myself to others, going through some darkness, or simply feeling like shit, I remember my at home yoga retreats.  Below I've listen all the ways in which you can bring this practice into your life, and find peace and joy all the time.


Depending on your schedule your retreat may be from a Friday-Sunday or longer, and you can take some of these ideas and extend the amount of time according to what's best for you (trust your intuition, your third eye sees all)


I do all of these things on the regular and I always come back better, more productive, kinder + more able to give and simply happier.


1. No social media: No if ands or buts, it is always possible to take a social media break even if it's only for 2 days.  The world won't fall apart and you will not be forgotten.  Instead you will have an absolutely vital moment of returning to true source, and remember what it's like to present instead of instagramming.


2. Turn off your phone for as long as you can.  Imagine you are actually on a yoga retreat.  Unplugging is such an important part of getting each drop of juice from your time away, allow yourself to find that in your very own home.  Plus, while your phone is off you can charge it with crystals to bring good luck, abundance, and romance (simply place the phone somewhere special, and cover it with whatever crystals call to you) If you have any questions email Diana!


3. Go to yoga at least once a day if not twice.  On a yoga retreat, there's lots of---yoga!! The more yoga you do, the more your body warms and your consciousness elevates, this is part of the reason we feel so good on retreats, all that yoga!!  (Good thing DollyMoo mixes us muscle butter!) Plus, when it comes to the physical practice, once we're on a roll it organically maintains itself. 


4. Meditate at least once a day, and observe silence as much as possible. In the quiet you can hear, in the quiet you can find stillness--when you know how to find this place, all confusion and suffering ceases.


5. Nourish yourself really well, preferably vegetarian. Simply because sometimes our bodies need a break from meat, but they never need a break from greens.  Eating well, balanced and lovingly is one of the greatest parts of a  yoga retreat, give that to yourself! You deserve it; like all of these suggestions, it is a practice and manifestation of self-love.



6. Sit by candlelight as much a possible.  Retreats are a moment to relax, restore and reconnect.  TVs & blogs don't usually play a part.


7. Pick a sacred text and do some reading. This can be on yoga, deities, nature, or anything else that calls to you, as long as it feeds your soul.


8. Create soothing body love moments with beautiful hot showers or baths, and by lovingly taking the time to truly honor your body--not because you have to, but because you want to.  Take your time, where are you going? For this I always reach for DollyMoo's sandalwood scrub and body oil; the scent is sacred, its touch is deeply warming, and you'll be transported to a place of zen in the blink of an eye.


9. Learn a mantra and chant your japa every day.  Yoga retreats have a soft discipline to them- you show up and you do your practice.  Same goes for your at home retreat; put aside those things you would normally do, and instead chose to be on the ashram.


10. Make bedtime sacredSage your bed before falling asleep, rub beautiful healing butter on your chest to open up your lungs, soothe yourself with calming butter and mist your sheets with sweet, lavender linen spray.  Honor yourself.


And as always, you are beautiful!!!!!! Om shanti & blessed be!

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