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Easy Affirmations for Growth

Sometimes students they tell me how excited they are about beginning affirmations and mantra, but they’re not sure what exactly they should be telling themselves or where to begin.

I usually advise them to sit in meditation, and allow their mantra or affirmation to come to them, but I realize this may not always be so easy. So for them, for you and for me, below you’ll find a list of some of my favorite mantra, right out of my personal affirmation journal! I hope they’ll bring you growth, empowerment, and manifestation powers (with the help of some good ol’ fashioned Manipura work) as they’ve done for me.

The most important thing, the only thing to remember, is that in order for these to work we have to believe, so that we can actively change our samskara and move forward, no longer hindered by past experiences, relationships, and interactions. Repetition too is vital here, say and write your mantra innumberable times to yourself, over innumerable days; all repetition is an offering, and to change a deeply ingrained habit of the mind, we must make a ritual of repetition. As I always say before my students begin their asana, don’t judge it and don’t enter with expectation, allow yourself to be present and patient, and let your yoga do its work.

Be fearless!

I’ve written about the idea of filling the space of negativity with positivity before as well as ways in which mantra and affirmation can calm us and bring empowerment; I keep coming back to it because as many have already discovered, although sometimes challenging to master, focusing on the positive brings great, productive, and quick change.

"Don’t think, just practice!"-Sri Dharma

And remember, even if these things are not true at the time, deciding they will be true, and writing and thinking them in present tense is what creates the manifestation.

Don’t judge! Be present & let your yoga do its work!

Mantra from Diana’s Affirmation Journal

*I am open, I am receptive, I am love

*I release fear, and I call in trust (this has been very powerful!)

*I am peaceful, I succumb, I deepen

*I know myself, I trust myself

*I earn abundant & consistent wealth

*I eat when I’m hungry, I stop when I’m full

*My life is beautiful; I am satisfied & abundant

*My heart is open! I am ready to receive

*I honor & release the sadness in my heart

*My heart is green & lush; I love myself (the single most important mantra there is!)

*I am supported by the universe

*I am limitless

*Blessed be! I am grateful!

Feel free to adopt these as your own, or to use them as inspiration! Just make sure you start! There is great power in thought and samskara, it is up to us to determine how that power is wielded.

Allow yourself to harness negative thoughts, habits, and energies into power through your yoga and meditation, and watch yourself flourish into the beautiful bounty of love and abundance that is your birthright!

blessed be + om shanti

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