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Don't Resolve, Release

My word for this year is release.

Release resistance to my best life

Release worry

Release fear

Release that which keeps me small + causes suffering

Resolutions put so much pressure on us and give us the idea we have this one moment to change everything; that if we miss it we’ve failed. This way of thinking sets us up for disappointment, self-chastisement, and worst of all because of these shame emotions, we often wait another year entirely to take any action (only to be disappointed once again).

But release is a practice. A practice of patience, devotion, presence and most importantly one that creates room for that which we desire. I talk a lot about creating room for prana (life-force) when I teach, that if the garage is full of junk there’s no room for a Ferrari. Until we release what holds us back, we do not have room to welcome in the new.

If we have a strong dislike for the gym resolving to go every day is not going to bring us joy, empowerment or encouragement. But releasing resistance toward going will welcome in the ability and want to go.

If I empty the garage of some boxes+ release some things that no longer serve me, I can pull in that bad-ass car.

If you resolve to save more money but do not release the inability to control your spending, you’ll have no intention set for transformation, no active change of thought to create an actual lasting difference in your life.

The same applies to the habits of our love lives, professional lives, social lives on and on and on.

The New Year is beautiful because it inspires so many to think big, decide to change and move forward—but it’s a tricky beast because it also takes a lot of our power away. The power of understanding that change can begin at any moment (January 1st NOT required!) and the power of surrendering to the knowledge that transformation requires baby-steps, continual action and patience.

When we release our ideas of how change should happen and instead take it day by day, we wake up one morning and everything is better (believe me, 3 times so far)! Our soul is deeply empowered and encouraged by this experience and we begin to see that we are completely capable of creating and manifesting a life of joy, clarity, and strength, now and throughout our entire lives. What a gift!

Resolve to call in the power of knowing that we can change at any time- regardless of the month, holiday or a countdown, and then actively, mindfully release all that keeps you from doing so.

Any moment can be your New Year! If you choose to release instead of resolve, and find a consistent practice of patience and joyful focus, you’ll find your life opening up in beautiful ways and the changes you feel so passionately about will have been brought into reality.

Ignite the fire of change & Happy New Year, starstuff!

Om Shanti & Blessed Be!

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