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we do not force, we do not push—we simply find patience, presence + breath,

                                                                                and allow ourselves to be transformed. 

we do not force, we do not push—we simply find patience, presence + breath,

                                                                                and allow ourselves to be transformed. 




"I still credit this retreat as being a catalyst to such profound change in my life. Your teachings and guidance were integral to healing so many old wounds. I learned to hold space, forgive, and be of my body and in my body.  Thank you so much..miss you oodles!"-MR, NJ

"Today is the anniversary of my father's passing. I woke up from a symbolic and tender dream this morning and cried. The sentence 'Todays' the day my dad became an angel' came into my mind.  And then I thought of you-I just knew that you would 'get it', feel it and understand.  I don't know quite how to verbalize it, but I want to thank you for all of our time together. 'Til we meet again'"-NE, NJ 

"Thank you for All. THE. THINGS"-KL, NJ

"Happy Valentine's Day to someone who has such a beautiful heart, and is teaching me about mine and how beautiful mine is too..thank you for all you do for me xoxo"-JC, NJ

"I found my apt!! Its a cute, cozy studio in Harlem with a view of the Hudson River. Truly wonderful! I just wanted to say thank you because your tools helped me find my patience when it was so frustrating and hold onto faith that my space would come to me"-AM, NYC

"Thank you for this (e-mail) it is beautifully written and literally breaks every piece down. This has been helping me, for it has indeed been fast and furious. I am focused and dedicated to my daily practice .  You are an angel and a true expert at your craft. I am truly grateful for your love and support."-DR, NYC

"I just booked my first client!! Thank you for getting me here"-KM, NJ

"So once again I must thank you from the deepest part of my heart for teaching me and showing me the tools I have.  Manifestation is real and incredible and it has brought things to me I didn't expect or think could happen.  I love your emails.  They resonate and they are great reminders of our human and spiritual selves.  Of course I have ups and downs especially during this time, but your teachings are always with me and continue to help me (they always will). "-AM, NYC


"Thank you so much for your intuition, your nurturing and love. You are a beautiful and amazing person who spreads beautiful blessings upon anyone who is lucky to be in your presence!!! I am eternally grateful for you! With much love your grateful student"-


"You do so much for me, I'm just so grateful. Thank you"-YB, NJ

"Thank you so much, love!! You are always so on point!! Your intution is amazing!!"-IB, NYC

"I'm so grateful to know you. I'm so grateful and blesssed you came into my life. Thank you"-AB, NJ

"On my way over here I was thinking how much I accomplished with you. So much more than therapy, I'm actually changing. I always wanted tools to really help myself, and you give those to me. Thank you"-EN, NJ

"Trust when I say that you have opened my heart and life to relationship to the world is changed thanks to your presence and compassion. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"-VK, NY

"I woke up today feeling so blessed and peaceful.  Thank you for our session.. each session with you is so powerful. My husband actually said to me last night, 'You're so happy! You always seem so happy after you do a yoga class with her.'  I tried explaining to him how great it is that you tailor everything to me and that it's so helpful. You really have a gift!  Anyone that has you in their life is so very blessed. You've truly changed my life.  Thank you so much!!!"'-KS, NJ

"You are helping me to come back to myself and to remember who I truly am."-JD, NJ


"Diana is changing my daughter's life"-MMB, NJ

"You were so supportive and generous with your time when I really needed you, and it means so much to me. You've touched my life so much and I'm sure you do for so many others, but wanted to make sure you knew!!!!"-KO, NJ 

"Thank you so much for this, again. As I've been enjoying the transformative and clarifying energy of this super-blood-full-moon-eclipse, I've returned to this note again and again for encouragement and an excuse to delve even deeper into the growth within my internal world. You're an incredibly astute healer and guide, with talents that are well-supported by your obvious passion and incredible intelligence. I look forward to when our paths will cross again in the future!"-TA, NJ

"I wanted to thank you for everything you've done this year to help me.  I'm in a much better place, and different mind set because of everything you've shared with me and taught me.  I don't know what I would have done without you this year. I just want you to know how much you helped me and how much I appreciate everything you did for me.You're an amazing person that I am so lucky to know."-BL, NJ


"Proud of myself and the way I process things even when I feel anger / frustration/ sadness over the feeling of envy or resentment....I process so much differently now..... I think about things very deeply now and I work through the feelings and then let them go. I learned that from you."-AB, NYC

“By 40 minutes in, I was wearing the same smile as Diana, and I felt showered in the fact that this practice was a curated tour, thoughtfully tailored to ME.  Working with Diana was a very different experience than any yoga or personal training I had done in the past, she superseded my expectations. Thank you” – River Lloyd,  hair stylist John Frieda


"It's no coincidence that after working with you I find myself for the first time ever in a happy nurturing, loving relationship with a great guy."-CD, NYC

"I thought today about how much strength you gave me to fight for myself. Indebted to you always and soulfully."-KG, NY

"You teach in such a special way. Like no one else! Please do a teacher training!!"-AR, NJ


"Today was everything! I can't thank you enough!"-LD, NYC

"I have to tell you I slept like a baby last night!!! it was so beautiful and relaxing! i'm so happy I came"-AR, NJ

"Everyday I'm like 'this is my life!! I love my life!'. Thank you!"-HS, NYC

"I'm like oh my God this is real!! Diana was right!! It works, this stuff works!!"-CY, NYC

"I feel clear like I'm out of the woods like I know this is happening--it's amazing. I can hear your voice guiding me through"-LGD, NYC

"Diana!! You have taught me how to love myself!"-CP, NJ

"Diana is the most amazing yoga, ever"-CT, NJ


"You're a phenomenal teacher 🙏🏽 and wise wonderful woman 🌺! You reminded me that there is strength 💪🏽 in patience, compassion, and sensitivity 🐢💖. Thank you for helping me see my worth, for insisting that I love myself first, for guiding me toward my truth, and for being utterly inspirational 🌚🌱✨."- HS, NYC


"Things they are a-shifting! Lol can't wait to get back to our sessions and work some more magic! "-KL, NJ

"This tattoo is inspired by my amazing teacher's lessons 😊💕💕...the teacher is you btw lol! // when i had a vision of her in Tulum i knew she would be a tattoo. That was the best day i ever had i want to remember that i can have a truly happy day"-DR, NYC


"Thank you my beautiful goddess of wisdom!!!!"-AZ, NYC

"Today we are grateful for the radiant soul of Diana. Our wild woman retreat would not have been possible if not for our patient and nurturing healer. Thank you for revealing the wisdom within an for giving me the opportunity to embrace such a magnificent journey!"-MV, NJ

"Thank you, thank you for that amazing experience. You are truly amazing and I thank god you came back into my life"-DR, NYC

"You're awesome and thank you again so much for everything!  So nice working and connecting with you!"-KG, NYC

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  What an incredible experience!  I have no words at the moment, but that experience has absolutely transformed me and put me on the path I've been seeking (without knowing it!)  I will absolutely do my very best to follow all that you've mentioned.  Your tools and beautiful wisdom and guidance (and self) are helping me tremendously to find my strength.  It has not been easy, but I feel so hopeful now."-AS, NYC

"Oh my God, I'm just so grateful I found yoga before all of this--if I hadn't--I'd be punching everyone in the face right now.."-BY, NJ

"You gave me so much in Tulum!"-MD, NJ

"Thank you for your judgement free attitude and words."-NN, NJ


 "When I got home- I realized at 4:30 that I had a 7 page paper due that day that I literally had no clue about. I have to to say...I am quite proud of myself. I didn't freak out...I made tea...lit my candle and incense and got to work and got it done without freaking out."-KS, NJ


"Thank you again for your time and inviting me into your home to help me"-PA, NJ


"On the way driving in I had a panic attack! On the way home I was anxiety free!"-DM, NJ


"Thank you for such a generous practice, that was incredible--thank you"-WY, NJ


"Ugh! That was EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you so much!"-AD, NJ


"Are you going to do a teacher training?! You teach in a way no one else does, and you need to spread that around!"-AB, NJ 

"You knew exactly what I needed and I am so grateful to you for encouraging it and making the space and making me feel safe to follow your lead. I felt so much relief and could see . If i had done things the old way I don't think I could have survived this week. Thank you!"-HS, NYC

"Thanks again for your healing words and for sharing part of your story with me-I really appreciate it! Great class today!"-NL, NJ

"Wow! You just helped me more in 15 minutes than in 3 months of therapy!"-TJ, NJ

"The other day before class I was so upset so sad, like terrible day and I said to myself 'just get to class!'--and then after i just felt so much better! Nothing had changed you know, but I had"-YB, NJ

"I was super drawn to coming on the retreat because of you! You are SUCH a wonderful teacher--your presence, your "is-ness"-



"Your vulnerability and openness lets us be vulnerable and open.  Makes us more comfortable to be us, to not feel judged"-SC, CA


"I think you break the mold in a lot of ways"-ZK, NJ

"You showed me poses I've never seen before in a class!"-SR, NYC

"So last week during savasana it was all black and then I started seeing all these little like lights swirling--and then they like came into a form! I like needed to digest it and think about it before I told you!! Crazy."-YB, NJ

"You are so strong!  So flexible!"-ID, NJ

"I can really see and feel the yoga working! The other day I had a terrible, awful  day, and then I broke a glass--normally I would have just freaked out right there--thrown things, cried--but instead--I just stared at it, and I was like 'ok, this is ok. I'm just gonna clean it up.' Its really cool, its amazing"-BY, NJ

"Girl, the things you can do with your body!"-LS, NYC


"I missed you!"-YB, NJ


"I came to Tulum because of you. You made me brave."-MV, NJ


"Thank you for showing me not only to love my heart, but that its ok to love my heart"-SR, NYC


"I have been on this healing path a long time, and you really do it. You really do embody the Goddess"-CB, NJ


"You really get  me to see and open parts of myself  I never can. I mean I know they're there, I just can't get to it like I can with you"


"Oh! I miss my yoga i need my yoga! I can really feel it!!"-SN, NJ


"That class was really special.  Really magical. Thank you"-AB, NJ


"Thank you for being an wonderful teacher! Your warmth, guidance, and truthfulness have been essential in my personal discovery and professional growth this past year. I'm grateful for your wisdom and support."-HS, NYC


"I learned that loving oneself absolutely is the best medicine. In acknowledging my anger, anxieties, and fears, I learned to accept, utilize, and release them... and ultimately their stronghold on my heart. You taught me that all I need is within me now and that my heart is my best resource."-SR,NYC


"Last Friday was amazing and I'm still in awe of what was accomplished! So excited for the next session"-KL,NJ

"You are so wise!! My Guru! I was so blessed, am so grateful, I found you!"-AP, NJ

"I'll miss you! I love my yoga!"-AM, NJ


"I felt my happy soul!! Thank you!"-NC,NJ


"You are an amazing teacher + a warrior who brings light to others"-DN, NJ

"Diana I was in Nepal for many years. I did much yoga there- you are AMAZING. You are a true teacher, you really have it. Please know this!"-SN, NJ

"I heard you are the best Hatha Yoga Teacher in Montclair!"-TG, NJ


"WOW! I just saw today its about my heart. Not my physical! I just listerned to your words, I did not think--and I did it! WOW! Thank you!!"- ACR, NJ (after her first headstand)


"My friends asked me why I drive so far for yoga, I said ' i have to have you as my teacher!!'"-AP, NJ


"Thanks again for today's class. Your words rings true and were supportive and constructive"-JS, NYC


"I said to the universe, I'm searching for a teacher--a wise woman.  And I found you"-HS, NYC

"I dunno why anyone would go to another yoga teacher"-JD, NJ



"You are really teaching us to love ourselves. Your voice--is so gentle and so powerful, full of truth. You are an amazing teacher!"-SN,


"Your teachings are such a gift! Thank you!!"-SS, NYC

"After 2 classes I already feel my body changing! My chiropractor noticed my low back was a lot looser!"-DS, NJ




A Letter on Self-Love Yoga Nidra


"Letter From an Open Heart"-about Happy Heart, Lush Life: A Ceremony to Open the Heart Chakra


"I think you are someone that can really get me to open parts of myself I have never felt before. I have never met a teacher that could make me feel comfortable by taking me WAY out of my comfort zone. You are amazing Diana, so special."-HW, NJ


"Diana is an immensely powerful healer and an infinitely enlightened guide"-FR, NYC

"You are a lovely, inspiring teacher"-JC, NYC


"That was beaaautiful! I have never experienced anything like that!"-JG, NJ


"It was lovely time together and I loved experiencing what you do so well!I am really looking forward to working this way with you!"-Dr. Jacqueline Carleton, NYC


"Ugh! Your moon ceremony was fantastic!! I left so happy, and I came in so pissed! And that women gather together in that way! Thank you! I will be back."-KH, NJ


"I do want to tell you that after you closed the door - (he) gave me the biggest longest hug and started crying - he was so moved, he also said he cried during the meditation - he is going through something kinda huge right now, and what you did reassured him that all will be good and that he is safe :) so yeah, your so amazingly beautiful - thank you so much being alive"-SA, NYC + Saudi Arabia


"You have a strong soul that touches the lives of many, you're amazing!"-LM, NYC


"I'm so thankful that you've helped give me what I need to get through crazy stressful times like the past couple of weeks.  I only got one migraine!  I really think my reaction to everything would have been much different (and worse) had I not learned so much from you.  So, THANK YOU!"-AS, NJ


"I always walk away from practice with you renewed and reawakened. What I took away from this last retreat is a tremendous confidence in the universe and in my inner resources. You took such great care of all of us and I truly felt each got what she needed. I also gained compassion for the people I encounter, myself included. This practice will serve me well! Thank you from the depths of my heart for showing me the power and strength that lies within my reach. So often we doubt ourselves, we give up on the idea that love IS strength and kindness IS the thing we need to persevere. I bow deeply to you and thank you for showing me the breadth of my spirit and sharing yours so generously. Namaste,  blessed be! My heart rejoices in lightness and love and excitement for future adventures!"-BG, NY


"I felt great after last week's practice.  I had an unusual amount of energy the next day"-MS, NJ


"The (Full Moon Ceremony was) so fun and perfect!!!! ♡♡♡♡ so glad I got to be a part of!"-AK, NJ


"I love you! You give so much of yourself as a teacher. More than the others. Thank you!"-SS, NYC


"I am DYING to go on one of your retreats.... I know it would be so good for me but also I would have a kick ass time."-HB. NJ


"Thank you so so much for New Moon Ceremony! It felt so good in my soul and my energy! You are an amazing teacher"-AP, NJ


"Hi Diana, the session was absolutely amazing & I couldn't have been more grateful then do something like this. I went with the flow & the results I got back were nothing but unexpected & great. You made me fall in love with Yoga. I felt a great connection with it, you made me feel the way I did with sports back in high school. That mat that I used now has a connection to my heart. The energy I feel from it is nothing like I can explain. I have so much anger that my life coach says I've been needing to release for the longest time, & I just could never find a way to release the anger that I've been needing to. To be honest that was met yesterday with your teaching. It was awesome, & I'm looking forward to many more of these Yoga sessions with you"-NP, NJ


"Thank you, you are so wonderful!"-SS, NYC


"What better way to end something so stressful than with an amazing yoga class, taught by my favorite teacher!"-AC, NJ


"I have gone to two events here and they have been completely amazing if you can check out Happy Heart Yoga you will not be disappointed"-KA, NJ


"Also so since working with you on all that solar plexus- I've had a revelation that I want to be my own business owner and would rather be working countless hours for myself and my personal benefit. This entire summer I've been working on a business plan!"-RK, NYC


"A year ago at the Lake George retreat I wrote in my journal the desire to be seen and heard. Well today, I do feel seen, and heard, and held for who I am. This is a huge testament to your power as an inspiring teacher and healer, and the power of yoga to bring us into our full and perfect being. To feel that i have gone from being potential to being fulfillment, and feel so blessed. Thank you, thank you thank you, for this gift! Blessed Be, my love!"-VK, NYC


"First, thank you for your patience with me last Saturday.  You are wonderful and I so appreciate everything you've done and are doing for me."-RL, NJ


"Whenever I think of you I hear your voices (your voice and your 'teaching voice') and I feel a surge of energy, both in the fun filled, embrace life and give no f***s kind of way, and also in the restoring my faith in myself kind of way. You are truly a gifted teacher and phenomenal human. When I think of you I beam!"-YW, NYC


"I don't know WTF kind of magic you're working in here but I can not believe how different I already feel and the things that have happened just in this past week!"-KR, NYC


"Thank you for a radically lovely first full moon of 2016!!"-SR, NYC


"This is a sanctuary if ever there was one."-Alden Wicker, EIC


"Thank you for guiding me on this amazing life changing journey!!!"-MG, NYC


"I am very moved by this yoga teacher's heart. She is a phenomenal teacher and her students love her."-Jen Deraspe, Nurture Through Nature Retreats


“Diana, our practice completely turned my day around. Thank you!”-KS, NJ


"Thanks for all that you do!!! You are an amazing spiritual leader!!!!"-UM, NYC


"I have to tell you between your voice and that music! I was so relaxed, I passed out! You truly have a talent!! You're amazing!!!"-MS, Private Chef, The Gentleman's Kitchen


"If you want to find a yoga practice where there's lots of love, compassion and kindness please check out this wonderful place"-Elise Joy, TV Producer


"The Full Moon Ceremony was beautiful! Thank you for sharing your love and light!"-KJ, NJ


"I got the job! I think that day of yoga with you helped!”-Thomas Waller, Accessories Editor InStyle Magazine


“I was so chill yesterday, I surprised myself!”-SK, NJ


"Diana really has a way of getting into your soul when teaching yoga. Her classes are beautifully orchestrated with a divine flow. I’ve had small group workshops hosted at my home by her. All of which have been moving, engaging and more than just a yoga class, but a spiritual journey. Love her. “-Nicole Silva, Owner DollyMoo Body



“Diana is warm, loving, supportive, energetic, ballsy, fun, intelligent, beautiful, and actually everything you will want in a yoga teacher. She’s amazing at gauging what kind of practice you need, and will accommodate appropriately. You need Diana in your life. She helps with self-esteem, she helps with general physical health, she’s great for relaxation, and she takes care of you. Do yourself the favor and get to know this woman. It’s for your own good.”-LG, NYC


"I don't know why anyone would see a psychologist when they could come see you"-ST, NYC


"Thank you so much for all that you do for me, no words can ever define the clarity you have given me!!! It was truly the blessed day when I found you!!! You are truly an amazing woman!!!!"-UM, NYC


"I am grateful for Diana.  She is taking me on a really scary, emotional, enlightening, empowering, strengthening, blessed journey that I'm positive will make me a better person, as I can feel it's already started."-MS,NYC


"You are amazing leader and teacher. You modeled an open heart and a joyous spirit that has left a ripple still spreading out from here to Brooklyn!"-JD, Maine


"I'm so thankful for everything you have shown me.  I can't imagine how different my life would be without our practice together. You help me see things in a new light :)"-AS, NJ


"You have ruined all other yoga teachers for me"-ID,NYC


"You are my favorite yoga teacher, and I have had some phenomenal yoga teachers!"-LS, NYC


"Thank you for helping me to get back to my happiness roots!"-JD, NJ


"Thank you for the heart ceremony! It was truly an enlightening evening!"-MV, NJ


" I was talking to my best friend and I told her 'there's no one who can do what (Diana) can do'"-LR, NYC


"I had two weeks of beautiful, invigorating, difficult, pure, loving, kind, peaceful and wonderful yoga on Diana's beautiful Manhattan rooftop. I consider myself truly blessed"-LG, NYC


"You truly are amazing, you have a gift, thank you"-EF, NYC


"I have never been able to release in a class like I was able to in yours"-YW, NYC


"My 1/2 pigeon always felt so weird, this is the first time I am really getting it and present with it. Thank you!"-GM, NJ


"Thank you, Diana, for teaching me how to get into headstand and stay in headstand"-SL, NY


"...The way you said it totally made me realize it. Don't get me wrong, I've said it myself and heard it before, but something about how you said it made me wake up"-SR, NYC


"...Many meltdowns with the kids today, but nothing was major b/c I kept my cool.  My sister in law was over and actually said 'you're so calm, i'd flip out right now'--thank you!!'"-AAH, NJ


"I never understood why it was yoga teacher, not coach or instructor, but I see now --you have truly taught me yoga, I am learning- you are a teacher"-GM, NJ


"Hello there!!! Thank you so much!!!  I printed out all your emails and put them in my journal, I plan to read it often... you've given me so many amazing tips.  Some things you have said really resonate with me"-KS, NJ


"Thank you for your time, love and teaching! I leave a whole other being after you kick my ass! Namaste! Love you!"-SR, NYC


"No one can help me quiet my mind like you can, I am so grateful to know you and have you as my teacher"-LG,NYC


“A yoga class with Diana is unsurpassable. She is fantastically intuitive and will encourage you exactly when you need it, and makes you laugh at the same time! Her talent as a teacher lies in her love of life and yoga combined with her ability to give easy instructions. After a lesson with her, you feel free and connected to your inner self again, whatever type of day you’ve had, and thoroughly stretched. She is the definition of a yoga high!” – ARF, London


"You're incredibly valuable and the work you do with me is very important"-RA, NYC


"My mom told me on Sunday that she's 'so happy to have the old me back' and 'yoga must be working wonders.'-AK, NJ


"Hello wonderful lady, I just wanted to express my sincere and heartfelt thank you for this morning and for all you have done for me!!!! It is a refreshing journey I am on and so glad to have you as an advisor!!! I am sorry you went through a horrible time but am so ecstatic that you found yourself and your true calling on your journey because it has turned you into an amazing wonderful woman who is a true blessing and gift to the earth and to many people!!!! I am truly blessed to have found you!!! Have an amazing week!!!"-              UM,NYC


"Hi there!!!  Thanks for your sweet email!  I woke up yesterday feeling sooooo much relief!!!!"-SK, NJ


"I never want to miss the chance to take class with you"-LS, NJ


"BEST. YOGA. TEACHER. EVER"-Idgy Dean, Musician NYC



"No one can do what Diana can, she is revolutionary and unbelievable.  

She is changing my life"-LG, NYC

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