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Wild Woman Wild Freedom: Yoga + Magick in Tulum

Indigenous Cacao + Full Moon Ceremony, Cenote Swims, Treehouse Yoga,

Bike Rides through the ancient Mayan forest,  Beach Front Bungalows, Delicious Food,

Starry Nights, Endless Laughter + so much more!


D + J's first international retreat was absolute magickal, bliss!


"Today we are grateful for the radiant soul of Diana. Our wild woman retreat would not have been possible if not for our patient and nurturing healer. Thank you for revealing the wisdom within an for giving me the opportunity to embrace such a magnificent journey!"-MV, NJ

"You gave me so much in Tulum!"-MD, NJ

"This tattoo is inspired by my amazing teacher's lessons 😊💕💕...the teacher is you btw lol! // when i had a vision of her in Tulum i knew she would be a tattoo. That was the best day i ever had i want to remember that i can have a truly happy day"-DR, NYC



"Your vulnerability and openness lets us be vulnerable and open.  Makes us more comfortable to be us, to not feel judged"-SC, CA

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