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February 3rd-10th

photos from our sold-out retreat in paradise coming soon!

Connect to your heart, your warrior spirit & your sacred femininity through yoga, magic + earth

Learn the secrets of freedom, cosmic communication & living the full, lush life you deserve

Together we will laugh, dance, celebrate the sun + honor the moon 

Together we will Inhale Life!

Tulum is a beautiful, ancient beach town in Mexico dotted with world-famous cenotes,

turquoise waters + white sand beaches, and Mayan Ruins

Fresh, delicious food, drinks on the beach + sunsets await


With its inherent, pulsing magic

    Tulum is the perfect place to connect to freedom, the universe & your own heart

About the Teacher



"Diana is an immensely powerful healer

and an infinitely enlightened guide"

"I am very moved by this yoga teacher's heart. She is a phenomenal teacher and her students love her."

"I think you are someone that can really get me to open parts of myself I have never felt before. I have never met a teacher that could make me feel comfortable by taking me WAY out of my comfort zone. You are amazing Diana, so special."

"You are really teaching us to love ourselves. Your voice--is so gentle and so powerful, full of truth. You are an amazing teacher!"

"Thank you so much for all that you do for me, no words can ever define the clarity you have given me!!! It was truly the blessed day when I found you!!! You are truly an amazing woman!!!!"

" I was talking to my best friend and I told her 'there's no one who can do what (Diana) can do'"

"Thank you for guiding me on this amazing life changing journey!!!"


"Thanks for all that you do!!! You are an amazing spiritual leader!!!!

"I have never been able to release

in a class like I was able to in yours"

I teach a combination of techniques but aim mostly to always provide a  classical Hatha Practice including meditation, visualizations and breath work.  My classes are a joyful celebration, an understanding of the connection to the heavens and cosmos yoga provides, a magical exploration of ourselves and our practice and have been called  “much more than a yoga class, but a spiritual journey”


I always customize my classes and workshops to my students’ needs or particular themes, and create a supportive, safe and fun space to experience the endless gifts of yoga, inspiring every student to come back to the mat again and again

"Your teachings are such a gift! Thank you!!"

"You are my favorite yoga teacher, and I have had some phenomenal yoga teachers!"

What's Included?




* 8 Days + 7 nights at beachfront, boutique hotel Casa Violeta

(which features a full-service spa & beautiful restaurant)

*10 Soul-Soaring Yoga Classes

with Extended Deep Relaxation

*1 Full Moon Ceremony

*1 Sunrise Meditation on the Beach 

*1 Excursion to the Tulum Ruins

*Snorkeling at Cenote Dos Ojos

*1 Temazcal:

A traditional + powerful healing modality

practiced by Mayans, Aztecs + Native Americans,

led by a revered Local Shaman & healer

*Round-trip airport transportation (Cancun)

please let Jamie know your airline,

flight number & arrival time, 

 we will do our best to accomodate you

*Breakfast Daily

   *More about Temazcal*

"A sacred ceremony, Temazcal uses hot volcanic rocks doused with healing waters to create a steam bath/sweat lodge atmosphere. This ancient process cleanses the body, mind and spirit. During the steam bath, Carlos will perform a traditional ceremony, calling in the power of the four cardinal points to open and purify the different parts of your character. The entire ceremony is accompanied by sounds of ancient musical instruments, such as drums and the digeriedoo, a Native American flute.


The Temazcal helps maintain and restore our health and harmony on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, purifying the skin and increasing vitality. On an emotional plane, the Temazcal will unveil traumas, fears and emotional stresses that are stuck within. Once they are released in the ceremony, you have an opportunity to raise your own energetic vibration, creating a sense of true peace and balance both within yourself and the universe."

Accommodations + Soul-Spot Reservations

*All Prices are Per Person*

$300 Deposit is Non-Refundable

        *payment plans Do Not include $300 Non-Refundable deposit*

     Early-Bird Deposit: CLOSED

    Full-Price Deposit: due by October 30th

      Final Payments In-Full: due by January 30th

 *No Refunds After November 1st*

freedom, healing, luminous crescent moon

* Jungle-Garden Bungalow

*View of jungle

*2 Beds

*Private Bathroom 

*Furnished Private Terrace

*All prices based on double-occupancy*



Before September 30th: $1,530

2 Payments of $615 each

3 Payments of $410 each

After September 30th: $1,680

2 Payments of $690 each

3 Payments of $460 each

* Sold Out*


queen, creation, feminine power


*Jungle-Garden Bungalow

*View of Jungle

*3 Beds

*Private Bathroom

*All prices based on triple-occupancy*


Before September 30th: $1,535

2 Payments of $618 each

3 Payments of $412 each

After September 30th: $1,685

2 Payments of $693

3 Payments of $462

*1 bed left*

love, cheerfulness, wealth, feminine energy

*Ocean Front Bungalow

*View of White Sand Beach

*3 Beds

*Private Bathroom

*Lounge Area

*Furnished Private Terrace

*Sold Out*

nobility, perseverance, love of nature

*Ocean Front Cabana 


*View of White Sand Beach

*3 Beds

*Private Bathroom

*Closest Room to the Beach

*All prices based on triple-occupancy*


Before September 30th: $1,775

2 Payments of $738 each

3 Payments of $492 each

After September 30th: $1,925

2 Payments of $813 each

3 Payments of $542 each

*Sold Out*

All Cabanas & Bungalows Include:

*Bellino Luxury Italian Bed Linens

*Private Beach Chairs & Umbrella

*Beach Towels

*Candles, Incense + Flowers

*Purified Water

*Free WiFi

D + J's Happy Heart Shala Yoga Retreats

Whisking you Away to Places of Beauty & Bliss

We Can't Wait to Make Magic with you in Holy Tulum!

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